The Last Word


Warner Brothers Pacific Theater, Hollywood Boulevard CA

We, as artists, are visual people who rely on our art to speak as a passionate and vital vehicle of communication.  Our hearts turn inside out with what we have to say and how to say it.  “The Last Word” begins the conversation with the question “Knowing that your time is short on this earth, what are your last words?”  The answers come as warning, as reassurances, as consolations and as confidences in the One Who Came Before.  The visual component of “Preaching in a Visual Age” conference SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits was pleased to premiere this exhibit for The Brehm Center Fuller Seminar, Calvin Institute, CIVA and Ogilvie Institute.

The Southland artists presented are:  Isaac Anderson & Adam Watts, iLia Anossov, Moses Ball, Tony Caltabiano, Alice Emmons, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, Tommy Hollenstein, Guy Kinnear, Regina Jacobson, Barry Krammes, Michele Laughlin, Jeff LeFever, Susan Savage, Lucien Saxon, LeRoy Schmaltz, Duncan Simcoe, Kent Twitchell, and Wendy Widell Wolff.