Cindi is a perpetual student of the world. Charismatic and compassionate, she lives for all things creative and longs to impact the art world by advocating for artists and their work. Motivated by authentic transparency and fascinated by the spirit/body connection, she is always asking questions about our journeys in life. Her creativity has been expressed over the years in curating, fine art, design, writing, poetry and even a bit of music. Her youth was squandered on music packaging, entertainment and environmental graphics, Fortune 500 corporate identities, logos and advertising. Born in a tight-knit family in Orange, California, she reached far for a hard working Renaissance man from New Hampshire and now enjoys an active life with her two hard-working sons and a lunatic German Shorthaired Pointer.



With a radial love for all forms of art making, Denise’s enthusiastic joy of life precedes her. Having never met a stranger, her greatest joy is people, the arts, and talking about what really matters to them. For decades she had created new programs that serve the needs of the community and providing support systems for artists. Her entrepreneurial spirit has lead to a wide range of experiences. Art professor turned installation/process artist, she is hyper and always creating something new. Denise left the beaches of Los Angeles to settle down with her German Lutheran Architect in Old Towne Orange and their son and golden retriever.



Julie has joined SEEDS as our development associate with her organizational skills. To Julie, the work that is involved with Seeds Fine Art seems like play. The powerful message that is SEEDS is close to her heart. Julie’s own creations using fiber, and her years in the legal field, have drawn her to blend these experiences together to serve in the arts and for artists. As a multi-tasker, Julie is learning to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Born and raised in Orange County, she has grown where she was planted and continues to reside in Orange County, surrounded by her loving family.




Emily Connor is a restless traveler who has found herself residing back near her hometown after bouncing around from California to Arizona to Japan to Korea and back again. After graduating with a BA in linguistics at University of Arizona she popped over to Busan, South Korea for a year to teach english to rambunctious middle schoolers. While immensely interested in fine art, she has found herself much more involved in self-taught digital doodling borrowing subject matter from various popular media ranging from Cartoon Network’s miniseries Over the Garden Wall to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (While posting said doodles online for much appreciated shallow validation in the form of likes) She loves stories no matter what medium they’re told, but there is a slight bias towards the visual mediums- which is probably why she draws them so much. She currently spends most of her time attempting to figure out what’s life’s next big adventure, helping out with Seeds, and being a huge nerd.


Ashley has a passion for mission work that she brings with her to the SEEDS team.  Her stage in life allows her to bring a fresh perspective to what her generation looks for in the art world, along with social media and trends.  As a gifted vocalist and perennial volunteer, her love and care of people define her.  Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and she brings an attention to detail to our team that is priceless.  She is currently at Concordia University Seward, Nebraska studying theology in the Pre-Deaconess Program.


Former Interns:

Melissa Watkins

Anna Weyhrich

Jasmine Ferrer

Michae Oring

Jennifer Johnson