Our Story

In 2001, artists Cindi Rhodes and  Denise Weyhrich took their children to a major museum for a cultural experience. The exhibition, although strong, came across as a very one-sided and limited in its' perspective. Cindi and Denise saw a great opportunity to fill in the blanks. That motive became their mission.

The mission went underground for four more years until a ripe opportunity came along for that first museum-worthy exhibition — “Messages of Hope” celebrating the beauty and diversity of different cultures and people — where Cindi and Denise’s formidable years of experience in the art world and academic world combined to shine. Since then, twenty-seven exhibitions have been launched and traveled all over the United States.

In the next few years, SEEDS is providing fantastic exhibitions for some very significant communities: in municipal art centers, in commerce, in higher education and in faith communities that often get estranged from impactful art. Three of our largest, most jaw-dropping exhibitions are being currently organized. With your help, we can usher in a new unparalleled era of Seeds.