Seeds Fine Art Exhibits' History & Resumé

Curators Cindi Zech Rhodes & Denise Kufus Weyhrich

Since 2004, "SEEDS" has grown from an inspiration to an international visual arts non-profit providing traveling conceptual fine art exhibits,
that support artists and enrich communities by transforming galleries into sacred spaces.

"The Great Commission" permanent exhibits; Concordia University Irvine, CA

“Lessons Learned Wisdom Gained”- 16 artworks
“God’s Cross Cultural Purpose” – 36 artworks
“Masterpieces Print Works”- Rembrandt, Dali, Chagall
These three conceptual collections are housed in the six floors of Grimm Hall Buildings, Concordia University Irvine California. Curated from 2006 - 2012

THE GROVE GATHERING; Capistrano Beach, CA - 2013

One night presentation with art installation and lecture

THE LAST WORD  10-11/2012                                                                                                                               

The Warner’s Pacific Theater, Hollywood California - Preaching in the Visual Age Conference collaborative event with Fuller Seminar, Brehm Center, Oglivie Institute, Calvin Institute, CIVA                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Group Exhibit:  Issac Anderson & Adam Watts, iLia Anossov, Moses Ball, Tony Caltabiano, Alice Emmons, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, Tommy Hollenstein, Regina Jacobson, Guy Kinnear,Barry Krammes, Michele Laughlin, Jeff LeFever, Susan Savage, Lucien Saxon, LeRoy Schmaltz, Duncan Simcoe, Kent Twitchell, Wendy Widell Wolff                                  

“Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith” Chapter “Turning Two cracked Pots…”

-Book published by Joey O'Connor, The Grove Center for Arts & Media


St John's Lutheran Orange California

Wayne Forte paintings & Denise Weyhrich installations

DARK INHERITANCE - purposeful dislocation 

BIOLA University  Aug 21 - Sept 30 2010        Palos Verdes Art Center Oct 30 2010 - Jan 8 2011

Group exhibit: Lynn Aldrich, Grace Carol Bomer, Larry & Marsha Brady, Bill Catling, Bo Choi, Mark Cummings, Anne England, Wayne Forte, Craig Goodworth, Regina Jacobson, Guy Kinnear, Simon Kogan, Tom Lamb, Jeff LeFever, Marianne Lettieri, Janice Lowry, Andrew Myers, Christopher Scardino, LeRoy Schmaltz, Duncan Simcoe, Vinita Voogd, Denise Kufus Weyhrich

“VOICES” 2010

St Johns Lutheran, Orange CA

Lalo Garcia - Mexican painter, LeRoy Schmaltz - Oceanic artist, Heather Wright - OC emerging artist 

Action painter: Mark Cummings

3 nights of live art, coffeehouse gallery, live music two week exhibit with school tours

“ACTIONS” 8 - 9/2009

St. John’s Lutheran & School, Orange CA

Included three nights of live art, coffee house gallery, live music

Tom Clark & John Zender Estrada, outdoors Heather & Jacob Wright

“Succour- the gift of support and solace”

The Crystal Cathedral, Anaheim CA Richard Meier’s Visitor Center Nov 29 - Jan 10 2009

St John’s Lutheran Church & School 8-9/2008

Artists:  Loren Baker, Elaine Cain, Leslie Caldera, Tony Caltabiano, George Chaun, Tom Clark, Anne England, John Zender Estrada, Robert Eustace, Father Moses, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, George Geisler, Linda Witte Henke, Tommy Hollenstein, Regina Jacobson, Barry Krammes, Scott Laumann, Jeff LeFever, Marianne Lettieri, Ira Lippke, Janet McKenzie, Margaret Mohr, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Mia Moore, Mary L Rusty Parenteau, Leslie Pearson, Heidi Petersen, Cindi Rhodes, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Erica Ryan Stallones, Hilary Sylvester, Miriam Tait, Ralph Tarzian, Jim Thompson, Kent Twitchell, Susan Van Geest, Vinita Voogd, Daniel Weber, Denise Weyhrich, Heather Wright.


Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

Arts Ministries Conference- Cindi Rhodes & Denise Weyhrich installations throughout the campus and presented as conference speakers

Benefit Exhibit for Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation -2007 

St Johns Lutheran Church

“Let there be light Tour.” A benefit evening and exhibit sponsored by SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits and St John’s Lutheran Church -March 2008

Artists supporting the benefit with the SEEDS exhibit were: Mel Andrews, Tom Clark, Anne England, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, Connie Hubbard, Barry Krammes, Regina Jacobson, Cindi Rhodes, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Miriam Tait, Denise Weyhrich, Heather Wright 

“Out of the Ashes” -2007

St John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

Honoring artists who have recently died, Jana Dierking, photography, Ray Friesz, action paintings, Prof Herman H. Graff, drawings & paintings, Stan D. Sinnett, western art, and Roger Tait, print works. 

“Who do you say that I am?” - 6/2007

Cornerstone Festival –Peoria, Illinois

15 artists respond to this question, revealing themselves and God.

Mel Andrews, Wayne Forte, Ray Friesz, Lalo Garcia, Barry Krammes, Janet McKenzie, Cindi Rhodes, LeRoy Schamaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Dan Snipes, Silvana Tei Kenny, Mary Helen Wagner, Denise Weyhrich, James Quinton Young

“Dawn to Dawn ...journeys through pain to freedom” - 9/2006 - 7/2007

Midland Lutheran College, Nebraska
Capistrano Calvary Chapel, Capistrano Beach CA
California Baptist University, Riverside CA
Concordia University Irvine, CA
St John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

45 international artists 95 artworks Mel Andrews, Sandra Bowden, Gerald Brommer,

Leslie Caldera, Brandon Clark, Tom Clark, Anne England, Robert Eustace, Wayne Forte, Jan Florence Garven, George Geisler, Lalo Garcia, John Jones, Ingrid Klausen, Simon Kogan, Paul Laberge, Mardie Rees, Ronald Lopez, Janice Lowry, Dayna Peterson Mason, Gary Mead, Richard Myer, Leslie Pearson, Deborah Scales, Leroy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Judy Schroeder, Duncan Simcoe, Hilary Sylvester, Mary Helen Wagner, Denise Kufus Weyhrich, Heather Wright, James Quentin Young, Jane Zeiger, John Estrada Zender.

Graceworks Kenya Benefit Exhibit - 2006

St John’s Lutheran, Orange CA
Benefit exhibit for aids orphans in Kenya

“Confessing Tongues” - 8-12/2005

Concordia University Irvine, CA
St. John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

God revealed through Multiculturalism juried group exhibit of 45 leading national artists.

Mel Ahlborn, Wawi Amasha, Mel Andrews, Armando Baeza, Grace Carol Bomer, Sandra Bowden, Gerald Bommer, Rachelle Woo Chuang, Alice Emmons, Robert Eustace, Wayne Forte, Dorothy Gager, George Geisler, Constance Hanselman, Connie Hubbard, Regina Jacobson, John H Jones, Simon Kogan, Janice Lowry, Janet McKenzie, Gary Mead, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Mia Moore, Richard A Myer, Joel Nakamura, Carl Radke, Cindi Zech Rhodes, Laurae Richards, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Katie Small, Hilary Sylvester, Ralph Tarzian, Denise Kufus Weyhrich

“God, Creation & Man”  - 12/2005

Bluebird Gallery, Whittier CA

2 person exhibit of curators/artists Cindi Rhodes & Denise Weyhrich

“Such as These- God revealed through children” - 4-7/2005

Garden Gallery, Orange CA

Conceptual group exhibit on God revealed through children with 36 artist and 75 artworks. Included a Children’s Hospital of Orange County fund raiser during the installation.

Ross Amador, Armando Baeza, Gretchen Beck, Timothy Botts, Tracy Close, Neifa Costenza, David Ferrell, Cody Fletcher, Sima Furman, Regina Jacobson, Heidi Lingamfelter, Janice Lowry, Jack Maxwell, Janet McKenzie, Gary Mead, Allison Moore, Anna Moore, Hyatt Moore, Scott Montgomery, Richard A. Myer, Joel Nakamura, Cindi Rhodes, Virginia Reidenbaugh, Laurae Richards, Ginna Sadler, Duncan Simcoe, Hillary Sylvester, Ralph Tarzian, Denise Kufus Weyhrich     

“God revealed through Nature” 11/2004

St John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

This exhibit consists of national call for art resulting in 24 artists group exhibit.

Gretchen Beck, David Behrmann, Gerald Brommer, Kristin B. Enos, David Ferrell, Kristie Genoway, Sheevaun Goff, Rafael Guajardo, David Lauridsen, Regina Jacobson, Olivia Lewis, Gary Mead, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Scott Montgomery, Cindi Zech Rhodes, Wanda Schramm, Judy Schroeder, Duncan Simcoe,Valerie Sjodin, Elizabeth Starks, Ralph Tarzian, Denise Kufus Weyhrich


“Messages of Worldwide Hope -Christ revealed through different cultures” - Sept 2004

St John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

This exhibit consists of 16 artist’s multicultural view of God.

Neifa Cosenza, Michael Hirtz, Barry Krammes, Olivia Cameo Lewis, Joe Magliato, Scott Montgomery, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Tom Relth, Justin Rigamonti, Cindi Rhodes, Sergio Rueda, Elizabth Starks, Ralph Tarzian and Denise Kufus Weyhrich.