the gift of support & solace


The Crystal Cathedral, Anaheim CA  2008 - 2009

St John’s Lutheran Church, Orange CA 2008

“Succour” means to help in time of distress or difficulty.  Who has not needed or given help at such a time?  While those who do not profess Jesus can and do give generously to others, it is Christ’s church that has puzzled the world, illogically giving where and when it doesn’t make any sense.  This is the conversation we wish to begin with these moving artworks.

Artists:  Loren Baker, Elaine Cain, Leslie Caldera, Tony Caltabiano, George Chaun, Tom Clark, Anne England, John Zender Estrada, Robert Eustace, Father Moses, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, George Geisler, Linda Witte Henke, Tommy Hollenstein, Regina Jacobson, Barry Krammes, Scott Laumann, Jeff LeFever, Marianne Lettieri, Ira Lippke, Janet McKenzie, Margaret Mohr, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Mia Moore, Mary L Rusty Parenteau, Leslie Pearson, Heidi Petersen, Cindi Zech Rhodes, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Erica Ryan Stallones, Hilary Sylvester, Miriam Tait, Ralph Tarzian, Jim Thompson, Kent Twitchell, Susan Van Geest, Vinita Voogd, Daniel Weber, Denise Kufus Weyhrich, Heather Wright.