Confessing Tongues

God Revealed Through Multiculturalism


2005 St. John’s Lutheran Church & School, Orange CA

2005 Concordia University, Irvine CA

A visual experience of over fifty multicultural portraits from ancient to contemporary, Welsh to Greek Orthodox, motorcycle to surf culture, the art in this exhibition expressed the artists’ faith in unique and inspirational ways.  Assemblage, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video were all employed to give life to the artists’ unique aesthetic and cultural perspectives.

Mel Ahlborn, Wawi Amasha, Mel Andrews, Armando Baeza, Grace Carol Bomer, Sandra Bowden, Gerald Bommer, Rachelle Woo Chuang, Alice Emmons, Robert Eustace, Wayne Forte, Dorothy Gager, George Geisler, Constance Hanselman, Connie Hubbard, Regina Jacobson, John H. Jones, Simon Kogan, Janice Lowry, Janet McKenzie, Gary Mead, Anne Moore, Hyatt Moore, Mia Moore, Richard A. Myer, Joel Nakamura, Carl Radke, Cindi Zech Rhodes, Laurae Richards, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Katie Small, Hilary Sylvester, Ralph Tarzian, Denise Kufus Weyhrich.